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The master plan for the adventure of puberty

Rise of the Adolescent Mind

Bildung der Zukunft

Ready for a captivating adventure through the development of the teenage brain? Immerse yourself in the inspiring world of teens, a storm of new possibilities, feelings and energies. These are all aspects that want to be lived and experienced. It is this drive of puberty that prepares young people for adulthood.

Brain research as well as child and adolescent psychology open up a fascinating world for us and at the same time provide us with a master plan on how we can make this era exciting and educational for our next-gens without suppressing and stifling their energy.

This journey will not only deepen your understanding of the youth, but also build a bridge between science and everyday life. Ultimately, it will lead to maximum empowerment for the adults of tomorrow, the pioneers and makers of the future.

Join us for our "Brainstorming" events - the invaluable compass for parents, educators and anyone who wants to understand the unique journey of adolescence. Our seminars in particular are more than just a presentation; they are your personal masterplan for unlocking the secrets of the adolescent brain and how to best navigate the path to adulthood in everyday life. Welcome to the storm of youth.

Our presentation programme

  • Our adolescent development at a turning point - the urgency of a "new" puberty

    • Current situation and pressure points.

    • Intercultural dialogue and cooperation for a natural puberty.

    • Is that enough?

  • Introducing SUSy - Our Skill-Upgrade-System

  • Brain development during puberty

    • The epochal developmental phases and neurobiological changes that occur during adolescence and how they influence adolescents' thoughts, feelings and actions.

    • The four qualities of the adolescent mind.

  • Framework for a successful puberty

    • What does it take from the adult world for natural puberty to lead to maximum development for maturity?

  • Education system and puberty: creating a beneficial learning environment

    • The education system is challenged. As part of the education of the future, puberty is a crucial part of the successful development of the next generation. But how and what does it take?

  • Technology and puberty

    • The impact of technology on puberty and how digital tools affect brain activity (digital dementia).

    • Educational ethics in a digitalised society with artificial intelligence.

  • The importance of a successful puberty for the next gen

    • The connection between physical health, mental well-being and natural development.

    • Solving upcoming problems without the existential pressure of today's systemic educational and life practices.

  • The next step - individual responsibility: every human being counts.

Additional activities in the seminars

For whom is the topic "Brainstorming" intended?

  • Parents and youth carers

  • Schools

  • Vocational trainers

  • Curriculum developers

  • Politics

  • The public

Our presenters

Available in German, English and Spanish

Your tailor-made event

You can book the presentation and the 1 or 2-day seminar here, customised according to your possibilities and at the location of your choice. For the 2-day seminars, you can also combine topics from our programme:



You choose the perfect venue for you and invite your selected guests. Together we will organise all the details, including catering, so that you and your invited guests have a unique opportunity to immerse into the theme in an inspiring atmosphere.

After your successful booking, we will contact you to discuss and finalise the details for your event. We look forward to hearing from you.

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