• Blue Planet Life Association

    Blue Planet Life was founded in December 2013 as s Swiss association.

    This legal form works best to act as a social business.



    Code of Ethics

    Dematerialisation for all services to increase livability qualitatively and not quantitatively,

    with the result of doing more with less.


    Enhance cooperation and remove competition in education

    to funnel the potential for co-creation and co-working.


    Local commitment with the understanding and mindfulness of our global responsibility.


    Reduce inequality and poverty by creating caring economies, based on holistic solutions.


    Foster a honest, non-violent, transparent and inviting communication.

    Social Business

    A social business is a company created with the sole purpose

    of solving a social problem in a financially self-sustainable way.


    We fully adopted the seven principles of the Yunus Social Business.



    We are a social business start-up located in Switzerland.


    In 2016 we launch our program, share it, let people participate as learners,

    educators, partners, and members of our community.


    In May 2017 we reached proof of concept after running and completing the first course 'Sustainable Water Management'.


    The launch of the first training and seminar modules.

    Launch our online community platform Earth People.

    The decision about the first locations of our training workshops and start development.