• Blue Planet Academy

    Blue Planet Academy is an integrative, social and green economy incubator for vocational training, seminars and leadership. It proposes to offer a state-of-the-art education program and to showcase technology suitable for sustainable development.

  • Results created by and for the youth

    since April 2017






    Certified Trainees


    New Start-ups

  • Academy online

    All content (theory) is published on our online learning platform. We are saving tonnes of natural resources by being paper free.



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    • Sustainable Water Management (April 2018)
  • Academy onsite

    Project based vocational training

    People love to show what they learn as they journey through the training, interact with its courses, collaborate with each other, and assess themselves and each other. It creates a high level of motivation, co-creativity and joyful glances in people’s eyes. Our learners and trainees are active participants and creators of practical solutions instead of passive consumers of information.


    How do we develop onsite (practice) training?

    We are offering a workshop starter kit to be able to perform the practical part of vocational training in almost every location.


    We are now looking for onsite partners to develop vocational workshops.

  • Education and Training Program


    We are offering the future of social and environmental vocational training and seminars with five vocational training and numerous seminars.

    Organic Farming

    Offer healthy, ethically and responsibly produced food that is affordable for all.

    Organic Farmers produce food that sustains people’s health as well as that of soils and ecosystems.

    Renewable Energies

    Lead the way of renewable energies to ensure clean production with abundant sources like wind and sun.

    Energy production and supply from renewable energy sources are essential for the future.


    Co-create senseful and lasting environments.

    Bring together design, science, technology and the social sciences needed to act on the environmental problems facing our world.


    This vocational training is the world's first environmental apprenticeship that leads to a
    wide range of career outcomes.


    Be a key component of modern waste reduction and the concept of dematerialization.

    From product design to final disposal, seek the transformation of waste materials into usable or degradable products.

    Water Supply and Sanitation

    Ensure supply of drinking water, invite sanitation to increase people's health, advocate for the protection of water.

    The key challenge for mankind's future is the reliable supply of safe drinking water, our No. 1 nutrient.


    Seminars are offered online, onsite or as a hybrid course (online and onsite).

    • Caring Economics
    • CoCreative Leadership
    • Resource Efficiency
    • Nature's Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Mathematics