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    Home of holistic, eco- intelligent career training and social activities to bring about a positive change for the benefit of nature and humanity.

  • Blue Planet Academy

    We offer sound environmental and leadership training.

    Vocational Training

    • Organic Farming
    • Renewable Energies
    • Environment
    • Recycling
    • Water Supply and Sanitation


    A variety of seminars, such as Mindful Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship and Altruism, complete our education and training program.


    With our hybrid model, we offer courses online (theory) and onsite (practice).


    Our program aims for learners and trainees to develop into professionals and human beings who are able to assume both personal and professional responsibility with regard to environmental protection, the use of natural resources and their own lives and environment.


    Participate, contribute and exert your influence to shape a life with a future.

    Our online social business platform unifies people, businesses, organisations and academia with our learners, trainees and activities to co- create environmental and social projects and opportunities.


    At the same time, you are free to use our platform for your own purpose!


    Our platform will be free of adds and your data is your data. Ever.

    Beta Platform released

    Play around with all the features we start with. Check out our showcase to find out about the power and opportunities you will get. Give us your feedback.